Sketchnote: Game Architecture


A game that I play almost everyday is Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. It is a meta game that includes many mini games within. Each mini game relies loops to help players improve their skills and move up in rankings. The interesting thing is that these loops within each mini game also sort of expands into each other. For example, you can use spell cards in both Forbidden Forest quests, and also duels. The usage are slightly different since the opponents are different, but the loops together help players build a more comprehensive understanding of the spells and how to use them. The game also uses arcs: it includes a storyline where players experience a narrative as they advance in the school years. These arcs are mostly narrative with short movie-like videos where players watch themselves participate in events in the story. There are a few challenges at the end of chapters to conclude the narrative, but players usually only go through them once.

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