Project 2: Moodboard – Dilan Nana

Three Emotions to Evoke

  1. Hope
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Curiosity


Spotify Playlist

3 Directions for the Game:

  1. Choose your own adventure
    1. User makes choices to continue in the story which changes their storyline
    2. Different parties playing at the same time can experience different games → increases replayability 
  2. Teams against each other
    1. When the users begin, they are assigned to a specific team 
    2. This is like laser tag in this way
    3. The goal is to finish the game first, however their choices impact their progress (i.e above, choose your own adventure)
  3. One teammate is infected
    1. Introduce one member who receives word that they are the infected individual. 
    2. Creates paranoia among the players about who is who? 
    3. If one member tries to sabotage the rest of the group, conflicting tweaks or opportunities can cause internal conflict, increasing challenge
    4. Team members must figure out how to cure their friend through more challenges


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