P2 Checkpoint 1 – Individual Concept

Concept 1:

Narrative: The players are deserted on a sinking island and must work collectively to escape the hour within 1 hour before being submerged underwater.

Kinds of fun: Challenge, Narrative, Fantasy


Concept 2:

Narrative: In teams of 2, players will traverse and explore a deserted island – completing tasks and solving clues – to be the first team to find food/shelter.

Kinds of fun: Fellowship, Narrative, Fantasy


Concept 3:

Narrative: In a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, each player will be competing against each other to be the last person alive. A player will be killed and ejected off the island by being the last player to complete their task on each round. (Phone can show when you have been eliminated. Each player will have their individual starting point)

Kinds of fun: Narrative, Fantasy, Challenge, Discovery


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