Mindmap: Narrative Architecture

Evocative Spaces: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This game builds off of players existing knowledge of the Harry Potter characters, world and story and adds new elements to create a new experience of Hogwarts and the Harry Potter world through gameplay.

Enacting Stories: Legend of Zelda

The story is always similar with the core elements of the narrative maintained, with little variations from one game to the next.

Emerging Narratives: The Sims

Through the decisions the player makes every day, the social interactions, goals and interests the sims have, a narrative of these people’s lives in the world emerges. It always has variations and depending on what the player chooses, they shape the narrative into completely different outcomes, surprising the player every time they play as there are elements they can’t control or predict.

Embedded Narrative: GTA 5

Every mission is part of a story that varies slightly depending on the player’s success or failure of a mission, but ultimately takes you to the next part of the plot and consequently to the next missions. Even though the narratives don’t vary too much depending on the player’s choices, the game is successful in making you feel as if you are co-writting the story that the characters go through

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