Mindmap: Narrative Architecture


  1. Evocative Spaces
    • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
      • Builds off of players existing knowledge of the Star Wars story-world and familiarity with characters/plots/landscape
  2. Enacting Stories
    • Pokemon Heart Gold 
      • The game offers “tweaks” in the shape of local challenges that turn into side-storylines in addition to main plot
  3. Embedded Narrative
    • Escape Rooms or Clue 
      • Players must reconstruct the plot to figure out what is happening or what to do 
  4. Emergent Narrative
    • Zoo Tycoon (Sandbox version in particular)
      • Users can decide to follow the game’s goal of building a financially successful zoo or decide to focus more on building one’s ideal zoo to whatever desired extent, regardless of customer satisfaction or game’s offered narrative.

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