Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc – Jasmine Steele

Concept #1: Enchanted forest OR Deep-sea Mystery

A sidescrolling platformer focused on exploring a rich environment filled with mysterious and beautiful creatures. The player is on a quest to find something: maybe a missing friend, maybe the secret of this lost magical world, or maybe a sleeping god that needs to be awakened to stave off an apocalypse. Highly atmospheric with as much bioluminescence as we can get away with.

Concept #2: Internet Mischief

A narrative puzzle game that takes place entirely “on the Internet.” The player interacts with fleshed-out NPCs via an in-game chatroom or message board, blending reality and fiction through convincing online portals so that everything happening in-game could conceivably be real. Events occur in real-time (recognizing the player’s actual timezone), and puzzles involve tasks like seeking out information online or messing with game files. (Spotify playlist)

Concept #3: Clockwork Fairytale

A game that combines twitch and strategic gameplay. The player must travel between the “real world” and a fairytale world, inhabiting an avatar (maybe a sketchy illustration or wind-up miniature of themself!) within the fairytale world to explore and save that world from a looming tragedy. Platforming twitch gameplay takes place within the fairytale world, while strategic gameplay takes place in the “real” world where players can edit the fairytale world from the outside (such as by editing illustrations, changing the text of a story, or rearranging mechanical parts). The fairytale world could be a book, a toyhouse/music box, an elaborate cuckoo clock, or something else! (Spotify playlist)

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