Sketchnote: Game Architecture


I would have to say that one of the games I enjoy the most has to be the Sims 4! The Sims 4 is a social simulation game that was developed by Maxis Studio in Electronic Arts. The game gives you the power to create and control virtual people in creative, humorous, and enriching ways. It contains loops that require the user to make decisions that consequently affect the game story’s turnout and future options. For this reason, when you play the game more and more, you learn how to best make money, keep your player alive, and get the best grades possible. Because every day in the sims goes by in the same repetitive manner, the player can observe their areas of confusion easily after some time and correct them. The game also has its arcs as well. Every time the player plays, they play with different people, worlds, situations, and possible interactions. This prevents burnout and boredom because it creates a COMPLETELY unique experience for the player where they can try new things!

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