P2: Checkpoint 1: Individual Concept Doc

Mood Board

I created my mood board on Pinterest, and had a focus on the Earth and the ideas of up-cycling and reusing recycled materials. I also added ideas about current games, colors, and other elements that seemed similar. The entire mood board can be found here!


Spotify Playlist

These are the three songs I had on my playlist:


Different Game Directions

We brainstormed using a Crazy 8’s approach, and these were the different ideas that I came up with and some rough sketches.

This mini-game centers around a little plant/character moving side-to-side and stopping “bad” items from polluting the earth by catching them before they hit the bottom.

This mini-game hopes people will match plants/seeds/flowers of the same type. Once certain ones are matched, we can plant a tree and once we hit enough trees, we have finished the level.

This mini-game focuses on a sea turtle navigating a maze / obstacle course full of trash. The turtle must make it to the end of the level to survive.

This game focuses on having a plant character that we take care of by watering, feeding, and providing sun. We can keep track of the statistics associated with the plant and take the plant on adventures as it levels up.

This mini-game is Tetris-like and we would focus on combining elements of the same color/pattern that we can then compost/recycle/etc. 

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