Mindmap: Narrative Architecture

Category Game Example Explanation
Evocative Narrative Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters It is a Disney park attraction that remediates a preexisting story, the one that was told in the Toy Story movies. In other words, it is not a self-contained story. It creates new experiences through creative manipulation of environment details and player interactions, such as the shooting gallery and dark ride.
Enacted Narrative Super Mario Bros The story consists of episodes (separate stages) that privilege spatial exploration over plot development, and is held together by broadly defined goals (surviving until reaching the flag) and pushed forward by Mario’s movement across the map.
Embedded Narrative Detention Detention is a horror video game that embeds a predefined story based in Taiwan under martial laws. It uses redundancy as a technique and the law of three, for example, when it conveys the death of the character Wei through narrative text, visual image of a corpse, and storm noises as audio cues.
Emergent Narrative Minecraft Each player is given the broad goal to survive, but the narrative takes shape throughout gameplay – how you craft tools, gather food, mine resources, explore territories, and build structures is different from how another player does so. Random encounters (chased by creepers, falling down cliffs) are unplanned but shape the player’s unique story.

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