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  1. I think that this is a fun and engaging idea! I like how you aim to use real CS principles for your puzzles – this adds a nice touch to the theme and makes it feel more immersive. The idea of making hacking the professor’s laptop optional is also a nice touch. Are you planning to have alternate endings based on the players’ choice? This could also be a good chance to incorporate a message of being ethical to players. I also thought that incorporating the different TA characters and having the players act as CS students fits the target audience and the stressful/aspirational tone you are trying to convey.

  2. This is a really cool way to get young/any people interested in STEM and very approachable! I’ve never seen an escape room incorporate a digital aspect (usually they are tactile puzzles) so incorporating a command line would be super dope and really cohesive to the overall idea. One element that slightly confused me was the role of the TAs. I would think that in a rational world (which maybe you aren’t trying to reflect in this game), if a TA found out that students were trapped in a lab they would probably want to help them escape. I think it’s definitely possible to incorporate them in this scene and it’s nice to play off the idea that you don’t want them to catch you in the process of reversing grades, but I think ultimately they should be good/not evil. It would be cool to strike a balance between them giving you hints to escape and also not getting caught trying to change your grades.

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