Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc

General Direction: Escape Room

Mood Board:

From red pills to red, white and blue Brexit: how The Matrix shaped our  reality | Movies | The Guardian

WORLD WAR Z "G" 11x17 INCH MOVIE POSTER: Prints: Posters & Prints -

9 Post Apoc Images: Hospital ideas | post apocalypse, apocalypse art,  zombie art

10 Escape Room Video Games you can play for FREE during the Steam Game  Festival 2021 - The Escape RoomerThe Escape Roomer

Emotions I want to evoke: Pressure (due to time), Determination, Delight (at discovery)

Spotify Playlist:

Directions for the game:

  1. You were in isolation with COVID and the rest of the world turned into zombies! You need to escape from the room you’re locked in and also follow the trail of clues to the cure to save the entire world!
    • we could have a note left by your doctor hinting that they found the cure before they turned into a zombie…
    • covid tests leaving coded messages
  2. You are trapped inside of a video game. You must figure out how to escape the video game. Escaping the room is not enough…
    • red pill, blue pill like in the matrix, to start off the escape room. Draws upon the “Magic circle” and transporting people to other worlds.
    • could incorporate things that regularly happen inside of video games. Could use DIY holograms!
  3. The escape room is a time traveling box that took all of you to an alternate but very similar dimension! Try to “spot the difference” between this reality and your own to find the clues to go back!
    • lots of discrepancies, spelling errors, different presidents, wrong history, pictures with the colors all wrong, to act as clues


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