Checkpoint 1

  • 1 game of possession
    • Backstory group of teens are staying at an inn
    • Each teen gets the choice of investigating the power outage, depending on their choice they get to be “possessed” or not and depending on their game play their goal is to either survive and exorcise the demon or kill off the remaining players
    • Every night each player goes into a “room” for safety and may find clues to help them, the game ends on the 7th night, if the alive players dont find enough clues to exorcise the demon they die by default
  • Game idea 2
    • Backstory of teens staying at an inn
    • Similar to idea 1 but the group must work collaboratively for each nights out come
    • Each teen can look for clues, but they working as a collective, and their odds for survival and solving the problems are greater; however, if the demon catches them they all die together. 
  • Game idea 3
    • Zombies and the apocalypse
    • A collaborative escape room full of clues and limited amount of time per room
    • The team has several exit routes to escape the zombie infested building to the rescue team
    • However, each not every room has an exit



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