Project 2 Checkpoint 1: Individual Brainstorm – Amy Lo


Art Direction

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Concept #1

Kind of fun

Sensation, Fantasy, Fellowship

Narrative Approach

Space diner (inspired by Dennys / midnight breakfast places). You are a lonely visitor who has been wandering around for light years around space trying to collect energy from harnessing nearby stars to pay off your debt. While you’re fumbling around, you run out of gas for your ship and land on a refueling gas station with a diner attached. However, they’ve just ran out of gas so you have to wait on the planet for the next shipment. You meet the patrons who frequent the town. You stay for a while, hoping to either meet a companion willing to join you, a way to finally make it rich, or a way to pass the time before you continue your adventure. 

Concept #2

Kind of fun

Narrative, Fantasy

Narrative Approach

You are space news reporter following the intergalactic political debates. There are X main candidates that you get to interview, investigate, and report on. As you learn more about the candidates, you start to learn more about their rise to power and scandals and the secrets that they want to hide from their planetizens. You find yourself not knowing who to trust or support and can choose to get closer to one particular candidate, who you may decide to start an intimate relationship with — or expose them for who they are.

Concept #3

Kind of fun

Narrative, Fantasy, Fellowship

Narrative Approach

You have been assigned by your planet which is on the brisk of environmental decay to find somewhere to live in the future. You need to interview candidates to decide who you want to bring with you to space in order to determine the success of the mission. Once you decide to go, you learn more about others motivations and touching reasons why they are on the mission as you avoid obstacles in space and figure out which planet to live on.

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