Individual Checkpoint 1: Moodboard, Playlist, Directions



3 Directions:

1. Fantasy/Narrative

Story game that takes place in the sky where you are a human that wants to learn how to fly (for some deeper reason). Vertical platformer, the platforms are clouds and you meet bird NPCs along the way who help teach you how to fly. As the game progresses, your player gains more movement mechanics that get you closer to being able to fly.

2. Challenge/Narrative

You are on a boat and drop something of great sentimental value (wedding ring? special photo?) You dive into the water to try and retrieve it and there are underwater monsters trying to kill you/block the way. Game is a platformer with moderately challenging mechanics to kill sea monsters, goal is to try and retrieve what you dropped in the water.

3. Expression/Narrative

You are an artist who is struggling to make ends meet. You go around talking to NPCs who are maybe art critics or something and you have some agency over what kind of art you make, try to cater toward what the art critics are looking for etc.

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