Visual Design Monopoly

Core Elements Include:

  •       Character pieces
  •       Property
  •       Houses/Hotels
  •       Board
  •       Dice
  •       Money
  •       Cheese or Font

Supportive Elements Include:

  •       Directions
  •       Chance Cards

Extraneous Elements Include:

  •       Not sure what we could take away from the game

Visual Analysis of Monopoly

Monopoly is an iconic game that uses Kabel for the logo typeface. The game has a strong chance component that fosters a competitive experience between players who are attempting to acquire as much property in the hopes of eliminating other players. I believe the proximity of the original box has great merit, because of its simplicity coupled with the association of the logo.  In my thumbnail sketches, I explored different alternative proximities, typeface, color combinations and potential new elements to the game.  



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