Narrative Architecture Mindmap

Evocative Storytelling: Mario Kart is an example because the game uses famous characters in the Nintendo world as car racers, evoking childhood-like feelings for players. Additionally, the characters in the game are equipped with their classic powers, making the game even more nostalgic.

Environmental Storytelling: Minecraft is an example because the game is centered around using your surroundings to build out towns nad whatever the player desires. When the players know how to combine certain natural materials,s they unlock new findings to expand within the game. This makes the game more freeform for players and they can explore the environment as they like.

Emergent Storytelling: Grand Theft Auto is an example because while it is an open-ended game, there are many missions that players can do to explore the world. When they achieve certain objectives, they get to learn more about the space.

Embedded Storytelling: Agent A is an example because it involves using your surroundings, like reading letters and figuring out door codes, to understand a potential enemy’s house. The player interacts with these objects from a first-person perspective, which makes it more realistic. Additionally, this game has the main story arc but players can explore mini-stories within that.

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