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Direction 01

The first direction is a solo escape-room style game in which the player is an employee who’s the last to leave the office late one night. They begin to unravel a disturbing mystery about the company, which starts slow, but that becomes increasingly eerie. They realize that the board of directors has devised a terrible plan that will go begin in just a number of hours—that is, unless the player can uncover how it’s going down and figure out how to sabotage it.

Direction 02

The second direction involves two players collaborating. One player is an employee who’s discovered that their company is planning to destroy important documents that will allow them to frame an innocent person, but the employee is out of town. The other player happens to be in the office where physical copies of the documents are stored, and needs to retrieve them before that can happen. The other player needs to guide them through puzzles so that they can access the documents in time. The time constraint is that one of the malicious employees is on their way to retrieve and destroy the documents themselves. This direction is inspired by the VR game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, which is based on the mechanic that both players have access to exclusive information that need to combine in order to reach a common goal.

Direction 03

The third direction is the one I’m most excited about. In this scenario, a group of players quickly discovers that the pharmaceutical company they’re working at is conducting highly unethical experiments on humans in order to create a miracle drug, often resulting in death. The players, within 1 to 2 puzzles, discover a secret room where the experiments are taking place—and the door shuts behind them. They realize that unless they can find a way out, they’ll be the subjects of the next experiment. This is a classic escape room where the players need to find clues and items to solve puzzles to get out and report the horrible experimentation to the authorities.


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