Mood Board and Playlist!

1) Psychological dystopian Thriller:

  • I think it would be super cool to make a game about a dystopian world that is seemingly perfect and awesome but there is actually a dark and scary side of it. Maybe we could do like a sci fi type themed 2d platformer where you need to do certain things to unlock a secret part of the map/win the game.

2) Romance/psychological Horror:

  • I LIVE for romance thrillers about stalkers or like crazy romantic partners! I feel like the freakiest stories can come from stories revolving around relationships and dating! Maybe if we had a game about a perfect relationship gone wrong, I think that’d be so fun!

3) Dating simulation game:

  • I love Japanese dating simulation games (Otome and bishojo)! I would love a game where you need to navigate a range of romantic relationships and scenarios by interacting with people and things in your environment.

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