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The core elements of Cheese or Font include: The cheese name, the timer, the score, and the previous and next buttons.

The supporting elements of Cheese or Font include: The instructions and the list of all of the words.

The extraneous elements of Cheese or Font include: The responses when the player gets an incorrect answer.

Sketch 1 below is my quick small sketch of the core elements.

Sketch 2 below is my sketch with a huge element, I chose to increase the size of the cheese name and make adjustments accordingly.

Sketch 3 below is my sketch with another color. I made the score red to indicate that the player had not yet gotten at least half of the answers correct.

Sketches 4-6 use type in different ways, as seen below. Specifically, I added buttons for cheese and font and moved the timer and score around to make the game more compact.

Thumbnail Sketch

Proximity in my designs was relatively consistent even as I made choices to alter the visual elements. Specifically, the word “Timer” was always grouped with the time, the same is true with “Score.” Additionally, the previous and next buttons were also similarly situated on opposite sides such that one was always the mirror image of the other. When I added “Cheese” and “Font” buttons, it was important that they be clearly separate because they are the way that the user interacts with the game.

I chose to evaluate the design elements of Clash of Clans. I find the game to be quite beautiful, and it is interesting to break it down. Looking specifically at the home village for the analysis, the core elements are the buildings, walls, and obstacles, as that is what the user interacts with. The dashboards listing the player’s available builders and amount of loot are supporting elements, as players can get this information from other places; the dashboard allows for quick access. The extraneous elements include the surrounding forest and water, which add to the game’s beauty but serve no functional purpose. What makes the game beautiful is how all of these elements work together to make for seamless gameplay where these elements fade into the background.


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