Graphic Design for Game Designers

  1. Identify all the elements of Cheese or Font.
    • Core:
      • Answer Box
      • Next/Prev Buttons to navigate
      • Scoreboard + Timer
      • Replay/Next Quiz buttons
      • Play Quiz Button
      • Current word to identify
    • Supportive:
      • List of all words to identify
      • Quiz stats
    • Extraneous:
      • Descriptive Feedback of right/wrong answers
      • Give up button
  2. Small quick sketch:
  3. At least Six ways to rearrange core elements:
  4. Make one element in a NEW thumbnail sketch HUGE:

  5. Try taking ONE color and using it in your thumbnail sketch along with black:

  6. Make 3–4 thumbnail drawings that use type in different ways:

  7. Explore proximity in your design:

Game Analysis:

I am choosing to explore the elements of the game Crossy Roads.

The above picture is the main start screen of the game, and we will start by analyzing its elements:

Alignment: We can see that all the Supportive elements of the game such as total coins, settings, and other buttons are placed in all the corners forming a grid like pattern. This choice for element alignment allows users to focus on the main game play resulting in better retention and makes the game logic easy to understand.

Typography: Fonts being used in the game are “blocky” indicative of the fonts used by popular games in 90’s and helps sets the aesthetics for the game.

Contrast: We can also see that the game obeys the commandments of the color theory with its complementary colors and different shades.

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