Blog Response: What do Prototypes Prototype?

My group has created a prototype for our card game BiblioBuzz, which tests vocabulary and creativity, as well as how well you know your fellow players. Some of the questions we are hoping to explore with our prototype are:

Will the players find the game replayable?

Since a round of our game is rather short, understanding how players feel about its replayability is crucial. I think that including a variety of words from different categories and parts of speech will be useful in understanding this better, as we will get to observe how different words can affect the style of play. My guess is that the game will have great replay value due to the amount of variety in possible words, maybe even including custom made word cards.

Will the players find themselves stuck too often?

Depending on the words, the difficulty can vary heavily so having a large variety of physical word cards should make it straightforward to determine how often and how much players are struggling with certain type of words. My guess is that a 50/50 split on difficulty due to the unpredictability of words.

What kind of words offer the most fun and creativity?

Very straightforward yet important question. Our prototype should let us test for this aspect well and help us determine which words offer the most fun to the players. My guess is on adjectives and verbs, that offer the most chaotic and open-ended possibilities.

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