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My favorite video game of all time is probably The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It follows the story of Geralt, a monster-hunting “Witcher”, who takes quests and bounties from humans dealing with monsters. His main objective is to save her adopted daughter, Ciri, from the Wild Hunt, an army of undead elves looking to end the world. The main aesthetic of the game is around Fantasy, Discovery, and Narrative.

The aesthetic of Fantasy is self-explanatory from the setting the game takes place in. It is a medieval and magical world with many mysterious elements. You get to explore this world as a badass monster hunter with magical powers and years and years of combat expertise. Furthermore, the aesthetic that made this game truly a masterpiece for me was its use of narrative. Depending on how the player approaches the game and makes decisions, the world in Witcher 3 revolves around its butterfly effects. Entire countries and armies could be altered as an indirect or direct effect of your decisions, making the world of Witcher 3 heavily immersive, its character incredibly memorable and compelling. This truly makes me feel like I’m exploring and living in the current world of Witcher 3 whilst falling in love with its amazing characters.

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