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Cheese or Font? [Redesigned]

A little explanation for my sketches here: I decided to go with the mechanic of clicking and dragging names into either the font or cheese bucket. I thought it could be more of a challenge adding a physical element to the game. Personally, I found typing ‘c’ or ‘f’ unexciting. It reminded me of the typing games I played when I was younger. Additionally, instead of putting ‘f’ for font, I decided to represent the font as ‘T’ because I seem to see this symbol representing font in a lot of platforms. Ta da!

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is the core of my childhood. I believe it has the most beautiful and unique landscapes I’ve ever seen. Interestingly, there are no logistical obstructions during gameplay like timers, scores, etc. It internally keeps all of these mechanics until it displays at the end. I think this choice really allows players to escape the rigidness of timers and scores and just play. Although, there is little use of type during gameplay, there are other forms of time and score pressure that incentivizes players to play well.

Aside from finishing the level, the goal was to collect these angelic-like ‘lumi’ fairies. The mobs [not pictured here] are less pleasing to the eye and usually in dark settings. The designers used darkness and lightness quite meticulously as the whole premise of the game is to collect light and escape the dark.

Finally, there are these gorgeous green landscapes that really capture your eye as you play. I remember my cousins and I would pause the gameplay just to swim in the crystal blue waters.  The designers made sure to make the world proportional to the players so that you are really immersed in the these island forest landscapes. Especially, the use of foreground and background is really well done here as it provides depth to the screen and it puts the characters in perspective. But no worries, you can still easily identify the players as the bright colors stand out from the natural tones.

All around, highly recommend playing Rayman Legends because it’s incredibly fun and visually rewarding.

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