Blog Response – The Beauty of Sonic Generations

Cheese or font exercises, drawn by me

Beautiful Game of the Day: Sonic Generations:

Screen cap of Sonic Generations Green Hill Zone level

Sonic Generations is a gorgeous game, combining decades of levels and lessons from previous Sonic games into one masterpiece. In many levels, Sonic is a clear focus since the Blue Blur stands out against the games many distinct backgrounds (conveniently, the backgrounds are just about every bright color except for blue). Meanwhile, the backgrounds themselves are works of art, featuring the unique Sonic style in 2 or 3 dimensions, but always colorful, inviting, and giving a sense of speed as you zoom from your current spot directly towards the horizon.

The game also takes a minimalist approach to a UI, showing only what the player wants to know: how much boost they have, how many rings, and what their time is. I could do without a life counter in the corner, personally, but no game is perfect.

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