Blog Response: Visual Design of Games

Elements of Cheese or Font

    • Core
      • The names of either the cheese or fonts
      • The words that show up after you press enter to tell you whether it was a font or cheese to let you know if you got it right or not
      • The C button and the F button to select whether a name is a cheese or font
      • Play quiz button and replay button
    • Supportive
      • The shortened instructions that say “Cheese or font?” above the first column
      • The instructions that say “Enter C or F” above the second column
    • Extraneous
      • Colors in general, as well as specifically colors to differentiate the columns as well as when the user gets the answer correct / incorrect (yellow vs gray)
      • Different text for incorrect answers
      • Timer
      • Score reporting stats like “avg score” and “you got” at the top of the game
      • Challenge friends button
      • Quiz stats button
      • Pause button
      • Previous and next button are not needed if players use their keyboard


A game I think is beautiful: Quiplash

I think Quiplash is especially beautiful, because the designers use principles, such as size, color, typography, proximity/alignment, to enhance the design. For size, the designers made sure to make the Quipash answers the biggest for the players to see, since choosing the best/funniest answer is the focus of the game. The contrasting colors that distinguish the users also make the game very easy to follow in terms of who voted for what answer. Additionally, the different typography of the answer choices and the players’ names, as well as the prompt at the top of the page does a great job of distinguishing the different components of the game. Lastly, the proximity of the players’ names to the answer that they voted for makes it easy to comprehend what is going on in the game visually. Moreover, the horizontal alignment of the two answer choices makes it more clear that players are choosing between two distinct answers. All these graphic design principles make Quiplash a fun and beautiful game.

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