MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

One game that I love is Wordle, the new word game where you are trying to guess a word and get 6 tries to get it right. One unique mechanic of the game is that there is only one word released each day. Where most games allow for continuous play at the player’s discretion, this game limits the player and it makes the need to win so much greater. The fact that you can only try 6 times and not play again ups the drive for you to take care in what answers you put into the game and also makes it way more challenging. 

The type of fun that I associate most with wordle is challenge. The game requires mental focus and also prior knowledge of obscure words in the English language. Although you might have strategy for playing the game, a part of the game is always luck: either you know the word or you don’t. This makes the challenge a bit more equal across people who are playing, and keeps even the most skilled players feeling like they are still challenged. I would also say Wordle has an aspect of social fun, due to the fact that you can share your score with friends. Not only are you competing against the word of the day, but also friends that you may share your score with.

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