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Will people enjoy writing haikus in a game?

  • This is an important question to answer because there are no previous games that incorporate having to write poems. It is possible that writing a poem will be seen as tedious, but it could also be a structure in which players can incorporate a lot of humor.
  • A prorotype that involves players having to write haikus and then presenting them to the other players will help answer this question. We can poll the players afterwards about how much they enjoyed writing them.
  • My guess is that if given enough time, players will enjoy having the structure of having to write a haiku when trying to incorporate humor into their gameplay.

How much time do people need to write a haiku?

  • This is an important question to answer because players need to have enough time to write a quality, funny haiku, but they also need to be under enough of a time crunch so that the game is challenging and players do not become bored.
  • Our prototype can involve using a timer to restrict the amount of time players have to write their haikus. We can play test with different amounts of time to see what amount of time seems to create the most amount of fun.
  • My guess is that it will take around 2 minutes for people to be able to write 1 haiku

What kinds of prompts will people want to write about?

  • This is an important question because the game is only fun if people think that the prompts are funny/interesting. If the prompts do not lead to funny/interesting haikus, then players will become bored.
  • Our prototype can involve using prompts of a variety of different topics and potentially topics submitted by the players. We can test to see which types of topics seem to get the most laughs with play testers.
  • My guess is that Stanford related prompts will be the most successful prompts

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