Critical Play: Competitive Analysis

For this analysis, I played the online Pictionary game named “” because our game is based on a mixture of Pictionary and multilateral games. Therefore, I believed that testing this game would provide significant insights into the game’s many functional features. The first thing that came to my mind was that I do not really like playing the Pictionary games online despite the fact that the fundamental element to both and our game is collaboration. In addition, I used my laptop for this game it was not the best option for drawing, I would rather prefer paper.

Now I want to describe the game and tell more about its mechanics and dynamics. is a multilateral game that requires 3-8 players. The main goal of the game is to collect the most points among all other players. You gain points by either guessing what others draw or by having others guess what you draw in the game. It is played in the rounds, with each player taking turns as the drawer. During the drawing process which lasts 80 seconds, other participants try to guess the image. Drawers get points for each right guess made by a player. The other players get points for right guesses. This process is repeated until all participants have drawn three times. After then, participants are ranked according to how many points they have gathered by the conclusion of the game.

The fun part of is self-expression where each player can show their creativity by their drawings trying to explain the prompt without textual content. Moreover, this game is competitive and has a score-based ranking system that is shown on the left bar. However, the game did not give me any sense of pleasure as it was supposed to give as a “drawing” game. I did not really like the interface of the game because it has an old-fashioned design and many ads in the background that distracted me during the game. As an option for improving the graphic design decisions of the game, I would recommend making the edges of rectangles softer and considering another background color. It was hard to distinguish each player’s identity because all avatars looked almost the same; however, I liked the option of changing the facial expression and color of my player.

As well as it is an anonymous game, individuals are always attempting to cheat and engage in a variety of ridiculous behaviors while playing, thus I have no desire to keep playing it.

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