Critical Play 2: Temtem

Our game draws inspiration from two games: King of Tokyo and Temtem.

Temtem is a computer game available on Steam made by Crema that is very similar to Pokemon. The theme of Temtem is creature team building. You get to explore a world and capture Temtems (creatures). The more you travel and fight with your Temtems the more they level up. This game can also be played co-op.

The aesthetic of the game is a mix of fantasy, fellowship, narrative, and discovery. The fantasy aesthetic comes from designing your character and your Temtem team. Fellowship is from the co-op aspect of the game as your Temtems get to fight along your friend’s Temtem’s and you can explore the world together. Narrative is from the various goals and stories that evolve through the game such as “Helping a scientist with Temtem research”. Discovery is obviously from the different open-world style environments you get to explore as you advance in the game.

Screenshot of the Different Maps in Temtem

They use a few mechanics to make the game fun. As you travel through the world you encounter new Temtems and you can capture them. You can increase your chance of encounters by running through the grass. You also get to find new Temtems in new areas so there’s an incentive to explore more. The fighting mechanics are also interesting as some Temtem combinations deal more damage. You also get to use special items such as potions and charms during fights.

Special Items that you can equip your Temtems with
Surfing as a way of traveling in Temtem

The fights and exploration are really fun. All of this is reinforced through the design decisions. The game is visually very well made and very easy to use. They added fun ways of travel through the game such as paddle boarding, ice skating, and zip-lining. That encourages pursuing the game’s story mode even more because you can unlock fun ways to travel.

The closest game to Temtem is Pokemon and it mainly differentiates itself through the platform it can be played on. Temtem is available on computer while Pokemon is available on Nintendo consoles. Another difference is the design of the game and some special fighting items and bonuses. If your co-op player has a Temtem type that aligns with your Temtem’s they can deal special combo attacks. There are also fun extra charms you can equip your Temtem with, such as fire or water attacks shield.

Abuse is handled through some automatic filtering in the chat. You can’t send any curse words. There is also cheat detection that will ban players if they cheat.

The mechanics of the game are fun and almost flawless. The only thing I would change about the game is making the graphics more efficient to run. I don’t have a strong GPU on my laptop and the game’s FPS is low and makes my computer overheat a lot. Other games with similar graphics can run just fine on my laptop so I am assuming it is something with the code’s efficiency.

Temtem Fighting – Random Encounter during Exploration

Temtem inspired our game Monster Match because of the way Temtems can be combined for better attacks and also for the charms that can be added which inspired our bonus cards. Also, the Temtems gave us the idea of using monsters. Our card game also takes a similar fighting approach where you take turns attacking and getting attacked and you can choose not to attack if you’d like to use special items.

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