What do prototypes prototype

Our game is an acting social game. Players will be randomly assigned to teams and they will get their roles and script to act in a scene with their teammates.

Question 1: What types of characters do players like? Actual celebrities (e.g., Justin Bieber) or abstract descriptions (e.g., a singer). Actual celebrities are concrete and are fun to imitate, but players might not be familiar with certain celebrities. Abstract descriptions are more understandable to players but we don’t know players’ different personal interpretations of the descriptions will make the game better or worse. We can make a prototype when a group of participants act out celebrities and another group act out abstract descriptions and ask for their feelings. I guess the abstract description will turn out to be the preferred one because it requires less background knowledge.

Question 2: How close do players need to be so that it is fun instead of awkward acting together? This is important because we want our game to be fun and not socially stressful. We can prototype by having players in each team rate how close they were to their teammates before the games and recorded their experience during acting. Then we can analyze the relationship between closeness and enjoyment. I guess the closer the people are, the more fun they get from this game.

Question 3:  How much freedom shall we allow for players to make up their scene? We want to know how many details we need to put in the roles and scripts for players. We can prototype it by manipulating different levels of details we provide in the roles and scripts and compare players’ feelings in those conditions. I guess a medium level of details will be preferred, so players don’t need to come up with everything themselves while not feeling restricted.

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