What do Prototypes Prototype?

1. Should question responses be open-ended or predefined?

Our game relies on using silly prompts and answers to make the game enjoyable and funny for all players involved. We spent a good deal of time discussing whether we should have predefined prompt responses, or allow players to say whatever they want. This is an important decision to make as it will dictate how creative vs. rigid the structure of our game will be. If players have trouble coming up with answers, this could possibly push us towards having predefined answers.

2. Do we need a more formal/fair scoring system?

Our game’s scoring system will likely be each team is rewarded with a point for every prompt they respond to that the judge prefers. This is important to address because it may feel unfair to players, especially considering that the prompts are randomly drawn. However, considering the current state of our game, the intention is for the game to be more funny than competitive. My guess is that our current scoring system is our best option, although we can consider something more rigid and formal.

3. Are the prompts “good” enough?

The fun in our game comes purely from the prompts and answers to them, so it is quite important to know if our prompts are engaging and funny. Our prototype includes all of the prompts we have thought of so far, so it can answer this question based on how much people enjoy the game. My guess is that some of the prompts we have written are good, while some of them could use some more work. We also have the capacity to create many more new prompts.

4. Is the premise of the game interesting?

This is an important question to consider because the backdrop of the game is important in how the narrative of the game will feel. The prototype we created uses the premise of having two opposing cities trying to destroy the other. I think that our premise is pretty interesting and fun, but the mechanics of our game could certainly fit different backdrops too if we decided to change the theme.

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