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Does split screen make it more socially engaging? Or would two separate devices be better?

Since the goal of this assignment is to make a social party game, we want there to be some sort of relationship between our players. We choose to go with a team vs team style of competitive fun where each team is made out of a pair where one is blindfolded and controlling the character while the other is able to see and must navigate. While we have a digital prototype for this, a paper prototype would work as well where if they are split screen both seeing players are able to see each other’s progress while testing without split screen we can put them on opposite sides of the room, or in completely different rooms. Either way I think split screen will be more socially engaging. I think being able to see the enemy’s progress will only help to fuel that competitive spirit and will lead to some loud but entertaining games. Plus it may allow for dynamics such as sabotaging the other team to pop up!

Is a maze setting or a racetrack setting better?

Initially we were set on a maze setting, but later thought about a racetrack setting. Two different settings also bring about two different ranges of difficulty and we don’t want this to be a frustrating game for either player to the point where they can’t complete it. Again while we already have simple digital scenes for either setting, a paper prototype would work just as well. The test would be pretty simple, have a pair of players play in both settings and answer questions afterwards to determine which setting was more preferred. The one thing we’re positive about is that there are going to be some sort of obstacles/traps in the way (with either setting), but personally since the racetrack lacks walls it’s easy to fall off which would probably lead to a lot of annoyance and unfinished games. With the maze setting, while the seeing player will have to be careful with navigating the blindfolded player, it won’t be too careful to the point where the game loses it’s fun like with the racetrack setting.

Is the game fun for both the blindfolded and seeing player? Or is it more frustrating? For who?

We want this to be an entertaining game for all players not just one of the team members, or worse, none of them. While we already have a simple digital prototype, I think a paper one would work just as well. In order to get answers to these questions we would have a pair of players play through the game, give there likes and dislikes, then switch roles and repeat. I think the seeing player will probably have a more frustrating time, simply because they’re the ones who will be able to see what’s going on but not directly control it. Add in the competitive aspect, where they can see the other team, and their progress, and there’s bound to be a bit more anxiety for the seeing player. But I think the blindfolded player will probably feel more pressure, especially when messing up.

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