Watch and Read: What Do Prototypes Prototype?

  • How do players feel about the limitation of the medium they must respond to the prompts in?
    • This is important to answer because if users think this rule is too constraining it may reduce their ability to actually have fun in gameplay.
    • The overall prototype to be play tested should be able to provide insight regarding this question
    • I think players will be more inclined to lean toward the side of having more flexible options
  • What is the general consensus regarding having the them of the game constrained to one broad topic? Do players typically like ‘special edition’ themed games?
    • This is important to answer because it answers the question about generality/accessibility of the game
    • The overall prototype should only include prompts actually relating to Stanford since that is our theme
    • I think since the play testing group is limited to Stanford Students, there is an inherent bias that may leave this question unanswered for the time being
  • How engaging is the game in the downtime of voting/waiting for everyone to complete their responses?
    • This is important to answer because we never want the player to become bored and if so it needs to be addressed and amended
    • The prototype will have to have enough prompts to stimulate an accurate time frame in which round should take place to complete
    • I think the response will correlate with the complexity of the prompts given

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