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Texas Hold’em has several mechanisms that make it a fun game. First, through using a deck of cards, distributing cards to each player, and then adding shared cards in the center creates opportunities for chance occurrences. For example, you could be dealt two Aces in the beginning, or you could make a straight with the cards in the center. This uncertainty about the future, and the influences of luck, make the game extremely fun, not only from an anticipation and emotive standpoint but also from a mathematical standpoint, where probabilities and experience come into play. Second, through the mechanic of betting, the dynamic of bluffing comes into play. This simple mechanic of betting allows for such a huge range of psychological analysis and emotion in the game. Tilt, a turn for being emotionally unstable to a point of making bad choices, is common in poker, even among experienced players. This just goes to show how powerful of a mechanism betting is in creating a strong dynamic among players and within a player.

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