M.A.D. Prototypes

Our game is premised on the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which drives nuclear deterrence. Each player begins with a number of nukes and shields that they can use strategically in each round to defend themselves and attack other players. We want to answer a number of questions with our prototype.

  1. How many shields and nukes should each player have? — This question is important because it will determine the constraints within which each player should act. We can answer this question by prototyping a different number of nukes and shields to find a balance that creates a fulfilling game.
  2. How long should the time for deliberation be? — This question is important because we want to give the players enough time to have a good discussion, but also apply some time pressure to the deliberation period.
  3. How many players can be playing at once? — Depending on the number of players that are playing, we may need to adjust the number of nukes and shields.

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