Fornite: Game Mechanics That Make the Game Work (Wilmer Zuna)

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The video game that I have chosen to analyze in this post is called “Fortnite”.

Fornite is a survival and battle royale genre-based game developed and published by Epic Games. The video game is available on Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, Android.

Upon reflection and analysis, I notice that Fortnite contains a dynamic of mechanics that make it very entertaining for me, as a player, to engage with.


First, Fortnite has developed a complex Narrative within the platform, such that players are able to follow a storyline that combines along with their features for a specific Season. For instance, this Spring season, Fortnite, Agent Jones, one of the default characters of the game, is ordered to stabilize the Zero Point, a point in the platform that causes “glitches” in the players’ worlds, changing the realities upon which they reside. To do this, he dives into the Zero Point itself and decides to recruit the best agents throughout the galaxy. [1]

Second, Fortnite is portrayed as a Fantasy video game. When players join the platform, they take on the role of a participant in this survival game, where they can enter a variety of mini-games, developed by the gaming community and from the developers as well.

Lastly, the element that combines these in a nice, engaging manner for me is fellowship. Fortnite has a variety of gaming formats, one of which is duos, trios and squad rounds. In each round, players are able to join teams of two, three and four members, respectively. As such, I can play along with my siblings away from home, where they can join from nearly any gaming console, and we can play together in union to earn the round crowns.

Overall, this game is entertaining for many more reasons. But the mechanics listed are the ones that are more relevant for me.


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