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  1. What is the most fun way for the players to complete the objective of drawing the prompt? Is our current method of collaborative drawing similar to Fake Artist effective or should we section off the paper so each person gets to draw a portion of the drawing? Alternatively, we could also have each artist get their own prompt.
    • The way the graffiti artists collaborate is one of the key mechanics of the game, alongside the censorship of the drawing. How we dictate the rules for collaboration will be very influential on gameplay.
    • The prototype we have made is made of paper, so to test the different ways of collaborating, we can cut the pieces of paper to create “sections” for each individual player. As for testing individual prompts, the prompt cards can be reused but just distributed differently.
    • I predict that the Fake Artist style will be the most fun. Sectioning off the paper limits communication too much and will make creating a cohesive art piece much more difficult, while the individual prompts removes the fun of collaboration.
  2. How do we come up with interesting censor designs?
    • The censor is the other key mechanic of our game. By having various censor designs to choose from, we give more agency to the player with the role of Government and allow them to have more fun.
    • We can also prototype the censors with a different sheet of paper that we will cut into various shapes and sizes. Additionally, it may be possible to create other types of censors such as “blurry” censors with frosted plastic sheets.
    • I think adding more censors will bring more complexity and chaos to the game, potentially making it more fun and interesting. I do think that we have to be very careful with how we implement these censors because if they are not balanced properly then the game will break.
  3. How should points be distributed to the players?
    • Along with the difficulty of collaborating for the art piece and the difficulty of censoring it, the point distribution system is the last integral part of balancing the game.
    • We will keep track of players’ scores on a piece of paper and test out various kinds of point distribution, e.g. 2 points for artists that win or 3 points for artists.
    • Personally, I think we would see the most success by giving Graffiti Artists 1 point each for winning, giving the Public 1 point for guessing correctly, and giving the Government a maximum of 3 points depending on how heavy the censorship is.

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