What Do Prototypes Prototype?

1. How can we prevent a player from being too descriptive when they’re describing their role?

Given the descriptive nature of our game where players are supposed to describe their roles in order for their match to find them, it is important that players are not too explicit with their descriptions, or else the game would not be as exciting. But how would we be able to ensure that players are within the bounds of what is accepted as they describe their role. A possible way to mitigate this from happening is to have a moderator of a game who determines whether a player has violated the bounds of their description. I’m guessing that this might not be entirely effective as players might disagree with the moderator’s decision of eliminating them if they believe that description was reasonable. 


2. What should we do in the case that people do not agree with their pairing?

We assumed that two players would either agree or disagree on the same pairing, but we did not consider the possibility where a player guesses their match correctly but their match chooses someone else instead. This could essentially force some players to match with people that they do not want if their real matching unknowingly chooses to match with the wrong person. 


3. How can we prevent it from being too obvious for users to find their match based on a player’s description of their role?

Given that the premise of our game is for a player to find their match, the only information that players have access to assist them with finding their match is to listen to when each player gives a description of their role. To prevent the possibility of making it easy for the players to find their match, we should limit a player to only being able to give one description of their role per round. 

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