What Do Prototypes Prototype?

Are the first-round questions getting people to know each other better?

It is important to test our hypothesis that the questions will achieve the purpose we intend in getting people closer, otherwise it is not the party game we want it to be. Additionally, having participants get to know each other is essential for the following rounds.

This would be an implementation prototype. We need to make sure our choice of questions (content) if achieving what we want it to achieve.

We think the questions will work as intended. We play tested them a little bit and they seemed to be getting people closer. We shall see more as we continue.

Does the scoring make sense? Do we even need scoring?

We are trying to figure out the mechanics of the game. We want to see if the scoring adds a hint of competition without ruining the way the game is played and the spirit of the game.

This would be an implementation prototype. We need to make sure our game structure makes sense and we are adding the dynamics we intend without messing too much with the spirit of the game

We are very unsure how this will work. We will be playtesting this on Tuesday to figure out if there is any point to scoring at all and, if so, how they should do it.

Does our game board convey our theme effectively?

Every part of the game needs to work correctly and as intended for us to convey our theme of the Stanford seasons. The questions themselves are probably not enough to carry that message so we want our board to help us with that too. All elements of the game should be coherent and consistent

This would be a look and feel prototype. The essence of this prototype stage is to see whether or not our game “looks” the way it should.

We are confident out board (if executed correctly) will definitely carry the message we want to the users.


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