Questions for Monster Match Prototype

Our game Monster Match is about mixing and matching monster part cards to create monsters in competition with other players.

Questions we must answer for our prototypes are as follows:

  1. Is the game balanced? Is there a part card with an unfair advantage that spoils the fun of the game?
    1. This is important because unfair advantages spoil the fun and make people less willing to compete.
    2. Our prototype will have adjustable stats so we can try different numbers to fix OP cards.
    3. My guess is it will not be unbalanced. If so we will increase the cost or lower the effects of unbalanced cards.
  2. Is the game fun? Is the game fast-paced without getting stale? Is there tension involved? Do players get worked up?
    1. This is important because our game is attempting to capture the aesthetics of competition.
    2. Our prototype will allow people different strategies to win. We can measure how many people are attacking each other, teaming up, and getting worked up.
    3. I think our game can be fast-paced and competitive as it takes its roots from King of Tokyo, a competitive popular board game.
  3. Can fun monsters be created? Are the combinations exciting and interesting? Are they funny?
    1. This is important because expression is another aesthetic we want to capture. Especially humorous expression through unlikely combinations
    2. Our prototype will have many parts to choose from. We will analyze what part ilicit the best reactions.
    3. Because of the large amount of types of images we use, I think some combinations could be successful.
  4. Is the game too complicated? Do we have too many rules that would be hard for players to pick up?
    1. This is important because people may be turned off from our game without giving learning the rules a chance.
    2. Our prototype will include clear instructions with illustrtations
    3. I am worried about this. Especially for prototyping in the classroom with lots of people and noise.
  5. What is the end game like? Do players always win by getting 20 stars or do some players win by combat? Can this be changed by tweaking the values?
    1. This is important because we want there to be multiple good strategies for winning the game. In King of Tokyo, players that prioritize starts often win over attacking.
    2. Our prototype allows for both means of winning – through collecting stars and by killing off other players.
    3. My guess is that our initial prototype may encourage people to get stars over attacking. We will be able to adjust stats related to attacking to make this a viable option.

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