Do prototypes, prototype?

  1. How did players interpret the directions? Was it as intended?
    1. What Game designers have in mind is often a lot different than the interpretation of the game. Through prototyping, we will have the ability to see if this worth the time and effort.
    2. I currently find the directions to be clear and direct, so I currently cannot imagine the directions being interpreted differently. Acknowledging this, from my experience, directions always tend to be different then in reality.
  2. How engaged were the users when it is not their turn?
    1. For party games, it is important that everyone is engaged, even when it is not their turn.
    2. I believe that the players will be engaged; however, it also depends on the juiciness of the question. I also worry this game will not be as fun when the players do not know each other intimately.
  3. Should we make a card deck of questions or let the players?
    1. Everyone who plays this game will naturally have different levels of vulnerability; thus, I believe that the questions should be catered to group of players. Thus, instead of creating a deck of cards, we decided to let the players write the questions. While we did provide example questions, I am worried players will not be able/care too come up with their own questions.
    2. I am worried that the players will not care enough to write their own deck.

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