What Do Prototypes Prototype?

Does the game feel satisfying and intense to the blindfolded player?

This is important to answer because both players in a team should be having fun. We need a minimum viable prototype with appropriate gameplay. My guess is that sound will play a crucial role in the blindfolded player’s enjoyment so these should be implemented for the prototype.

Is the game frustrating to the seeing player?

This is important to answer because a blindfolded player might be incompetent and annoying. We need a minimum viable prototype, no sound necessary. My guess is that it’ll work out as long as the obstacle aren’t too tricky.

Does splitscreen make the game significantly more fun?

This is important because we could make it a fundamental aspect of the game. We need a splitscreen and non-splitscreen tests. I think the racing aspect of splitscreen will be very enjoyable, especially if players can mess with and hurt each other.

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