What do Prototypes Prototype?

1. How does the ability to steal scoops from the ice cream cones that other players are making affect decisions and experiences?

  • This is an important question to answer because, as one of the game mechanics, it shapes the dynamics of the game and then, the aesthetics of the game too. We want the game to be fun in a challenging and social way. By answering this question, we want to validate if this mechanic helps us achieve that.
  • We can answer this question by creating two playtest prototypes, one with the steal feature and one without the steal feature. Then, we can compare feedback.
  • My guess is that this feature does help make the game fun in a challenging and social way because it involves analyzing other players’ work (social) towards the incentive of increasing your own points (the challenge).


2. How does the game end in a way that is challenging, engaging, and makes sense?

  • This is an important question to answer because the conclusion of the game gives players awareness of what to shoot for and a sense of time which helps them make decisions accordingly. 
  • We have two prototypes in mind and we can playtest both of them. One prototype involves ending the game when all cone cards are used up (counting score of only ice creams with a cone attached), and the other prototype is ending the game when all cards are used up (counting score of all cards accumulated).
  • My guess is that the latter may make the game more engaging, because it encourages the user to continue playing whether or not there are still cone cards left. 


3. Do our rules make sense and offer clarity, or do they cause confusion?

  • This is an important question to answer because the rules of our game provide the structure on which the gameplay operates on. If the rules don’t make sense or they cause confusion, then the game may be rendered useless.
  • As a prototype, we will playtest the current version of our game with our first draft of rules. We will specifically seek for feedback on confusions at the start of the game after the rules are provided.
  • My guess is that there may be some confusion with our current rules (since our team is the only one that iterated on them, and we have prior knowledge and context of how the game works). We may need to do some tweaking in terms of language and concepts in the game based on external feedback. 


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