What do Prototypes Prototype?

Come up with 3-5 questions your various game Prototypes might answer:

Are there issues with using different stages of life in the cards? In other words, does the discrepancies in events make the game feel discontinuous?

    • This question will help inform us on whether to create separate decks for different time periods, or to just create a single deck for all events. We would also like to weed out any fundamental features that may make the game feel less immersive, as the narrative is an important component of the game. To test this, we will playtest a version of the game with one common deck, and see if there are any issues with a single track of life containing all childhood events, for example. My intuition tells me that one common deck will be fine most of the time, which will be worth it considering the increased setup time and complexity with multiple decks.

Should we market this game directly toward college students (darker humor, more 18+ event card, adult humor) or play it as a family game?

    • This question will be fundamental to the feeling of the game, as it directly influences the players. To play this, we will create a set of more “adult” – tailed cards and shuffle them in to the deck, then see if there are any issues when the card are played. My intuition is that the game will be more fun with the adult cards, but it will also restrict our game audience.

How many cards should we place on each track?

    • This question will play into the recommended number of players, as well as the amount of influence any given player will have on the outcome. To test this, we will play around with different numbers of cards on each track, and my intuition is that 3 cards will be optimal (or one for each player)

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