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Should we use a timer-gated free-for-all trading system, or a turn-based trading system?

This is an important question to answer, as collecting unique part cards to build sets will be a core mechanic of our game. As our initial vision for the atmosphere that our game should create, we wanted something that was whacky and chaotic, thus the reason for the free-for-all and timer. We’ll probably simulate a go-fish style round where participants are asked to complete sets of cards via trading under time constraint. My prediction is that we probably will need to either eliminate the time constraint or go to the turn-based method, as this system may be so chaotic that it is unplayable (at least for players who may not be comfortable speaking up).


Should we use figurines or cards to represent our unit pieces?

This question is aimed at determining the complexity and benefits of using figurines or cards, and is important to create a smooth and hiccup-free battle phase. We’ll most likely play through a battle phase with each set of pieces, and determine which experience feels less clunky. My prediction is that the cards will be easier to manipulate, but the figurines will provide more visual information upon first glance.


How many rounds should our game last?

This is an important question to help determine our total game length. We don’t want the game to be too long that players lose interest, but we also want there to be a significant length of high-quality playtime. We’ll most likely time several rounds and extrapolate based upon participant’s feelings on whether they want more or less. My prediction is that we’ll have around 5 rounds, perhaps 1 more or 1 less, depending on how easy it is to learn the game/if it becomes repetitive and boring.


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