Critical Play: Among Us

Name of the Game: Among Us

Creator: InnerSloth LLC

Platform: iOS

Target Audience: 8-years-old and up; people wanting to connect remotely; Fortnite players

Notable Elements: 4-15 players; players can complete tasks to repair the aircraft, explore the aircraft, call emergency meetings

  • 4 – 15 players
  • Unilateral competition
  • Crewmates’ Objective: Finish the repairs to the aircraft and figure out who the impostor is
  • Impostor’s Objective:  Kill all crewmates before being discovered
  • Imposter Actions: Kill crewmates, complete fake tasks, travel through ventilation
  • Crewmate Actions: Complete aircraft repairs, call emergency meetings, deliberate who to vote off
  • Procedures/Rules: The Crewmates (on the default location) attempt to repair the aircraft and figure out who the impostor is by observing other player’s actions for any suspicious activity. Players can call emergency meetings if they feel they may know who the impostor is. Players vote who to remove from the aircraft in the aims of picking out the impostor. The impostor goes around the ship killing crewmates, with the goal of not being found out.
  • Boundaries: Players cannot leave the ship unless they are voted off or quit the game.
  • Outcomes: If the imposter is found or all tasks are completed before all crewmates are dead, the crew wins. The impostor wins if they can kill all the crewmates.

Comparison: This game is pretty similar to Werewolf and Mafia in that you are trying to figure out which player is not like the rest. However, the element making this game stand out is the addition of the mini games to play that can actually aid in finding out who the impostor(s) is/are.

Fun Level: The game is fun because it is quick, the rules are easy to catch on to, and it’s collaborative.

Successes / Epic Fails: The collaborative nature and the fun deception keep the game interesting and add an element of variability from round to round.

Things to Change: To make the game better, I would continuously change the mini games offered as they can become repetitive with each additional round. I would also increase the range of difficulty of the mini games.

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