Name of game:
One-Night Werewolf (Mobile App) facilitated by Bezier games.

Target audience:
Those who are creative. Individuals who want to expand their mind through constructive /guided play.


Notable elements of the game:
We played with six people. Villager does not do much, except get eaten on occasion. Werewolf does the eating. “Seer may look at two players card. Robber may exchange your card with another player’s card and then view your new card. Troublemaker exchange cards between two players.” Players can play as many rounds as required until either the Werewolf or non-Werewolf’s win. Because of the different roles there is an inherent uncertainty and unequal playing field which allows a degree of chance but also strategy, that could be misguided.


Compare the game:
I played a form of Werewolf for the first time in class. But in that scenario, we did not have the other characters. Have not played a great deal of games of this nature, as of yet do not have a strong basis of comparison. This game has an interaction component which is exciting and to a certain extent is arbitrary. Really enjoy engaging with my peers and deciding who is eliminated.


Was the game fun?
Yes, really enjoyed watching one of my buddies explain the game to the group. He got so excited, almost flustered as he articulated the game. We looked at the app right after. On several occasions guessed wrong.  After one of the games, my friend Matt who was the Werewolf was very satisfied. He played me like a fiddle.


Epic Fail:
Tricked several members only to discover my card had been switched.


Things to change:
At first I liked the automatic music element of the app and the guided aspects of following through our phone. But after a very short bit, we transitioned to just playing without the phone. It could have been interesting if we incorporated more Robbers and more Troublemakers. Playing without the Seer or other non-Werewolf characters was also fun. Not sure if one version of the game is better or more engaging than the other. At this juncture, leaning toward more interactive roles the better.


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