Critical Play 1: Among Us


  • Game: I played Among Us on Mobile
  • Target Audience: Anyone online and can also be played as a group of friends
  • Notable elements of the game: The group of players can be up to 15. There are two types of players, crew members, and an impostor. The impostor can kill crew members and travel through vents. The crew members can do tasks around the ship. A round consists of players trying to guess who the impostor is by observing the other players’ actions. The interesting dynamics is that anyone can call for an emergency meeting to discuss who the impostor is and there is a group chat for everyone to talk.
  • Comparison: This game felt like a digital version of werewolves. It is better because there is an additional playable element of running around and exploring the ship which is exciting.
  • It was fun, although a bit confusing at the beginning because everyone playing (took part in existing online games) knew the rules already.
  • Success: The design of the game is simple yet very entertaining, that is why it has been popular for so long.
  • Things to change: Make the task-doing part feel more important. Crew members are told to do tasks around the ship but you don’t get anything for that. Maybe getting protection from being killed or some points could be more of an incentiv e to get players moving around the ship and doing more.

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