Cole Sohn Critical Play 1

Name: Among Us by Innersloth for IOS

Target Audience: Groups of 4 to 15 players. Any level of connection. General enough for any age group but seems to be popular for young children.

Notable Elements: Crewmates can perform tasks and host emergency meetings to vote on who the imposter might be. If they guess correctly they win the game. The imposter can take short-cuts through vents and kill people. If everyone but one player dies, the impostor wins.

Similar Games: Among us is similar to warewolf/impostor. Differences are that it is digital so players control avatars, and use text to discuss who the impostor might be. There is also only ever one impostor, and tasks keep crewmates busy and give them separate objectives and a reason to split up. Guessing who the impostor is has to do with remembering who was in what room with who, and who did not seem to be completing tasks. These extra elements make the game more dynamic than Werewolf, where everyone has their heads down for much of the game.

Fun: The game was fun because of the number of competing objectives and distrust of who might be the impostor. There is also an element of suspense as the crewmates are reluctant to trust one another and be alone with just one other character.

Success and Fails: I played this game with my partner and a group of online strangers. My partner happened to be the impostor first, which I was not expecting. Because of this I was one of the first to be murdered that round. She won as impostor even having never played the game before.

Things you would change: I felt myself getting frustrated at the large number of emergency meetings being called by the same people, even when there was no dead bodies. I would fix this by only allowing a person one emergency meeting per round, or removing the feature. Maybe emergency meetings should only be called from a button in a specific room.

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