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Hi! My name is Selaine Rodriguez and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a junior studying Computer Science (HCI track) and Education. My favorite game of all time has to be The Sims. From The Sims 2 on my old iPod touch to The Sims 4 on my PC now, I love creating dramatic storylines and designing fancy houses for my sims. It’s fun to worry about their little fake problems for a little bit instead of real-life issues. My favorite game recently has been the Wordle, not just the original, but all of the spin-offs. At midnight, my friends and I go through our cycle of Wordle, Wordle in Español, Worldle, Globle, Quordle, Heardle, Taylordle, and so on and so forth. That was probably the most fun part of my Winter quarter, so we’ll see if it continues in the Spring.

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